Smash Chocolate Gifts

Smash Chocolate gifts, or Pinata Chocolates, are a unique way to make the perfect and most customizable gift! The recipient gets to "SMASH" open the chocolate to reveal hidden candy or a special gift! We have a few different shapes and sizes to choose from! And, you get to pick the candy! ( some candies may require price adjustments, please discuss with us for specialty items)

Price - Large Smash Heart $30

Customizable from milk, dark or white chocolate, give us your ideas for decoration! This comes with candy on both the outside and inside of the chocolate shell (please customize when contacting us), decoration, a mini-hammer (for SMASHING - how FUN!) and marshmallows upon request.

Mini Smash Hearts

Same as above- just smaller for littles or more folks who want to "SMASH!" We prefer to use mini versions of candy, but we will "bee" as accommodating as possible. And, naturally we will provide more mini hammers and marshmallows upon request.

Mini Smash Hearts
1/2 Dozen $30
Dozen $55
Ask about larger quantities!